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Who Is Aaron Morris?

When working with Affordable Packing, you will more than likely have the opportunity to work with Aaron Morris. Aaron is the owner and founder of Affordable Packing a Mishawaka Moving Company. Aaron understands the importance of comfort while moving, not comfort in the sense of setting on a big leather couch but instead the comfort of knowing that your movers will do a great job. Aaron was raised in the Michiana area and has a deep love for the community members and small business owners of our area. Aaron has been known to go the extra mile for new community members moving to the area. He enjoys making them feel at home and making sure that there first days in our community are great ones. For the past 10 years Aaron has been providing our area with something its never had, a truly professional mover. Aaron constantly makes his customers feel like family. Outside of his company Aaron has other passions as well. Aaron is passionate about his family, his friends and about supporting small business in the area. If you have a chance to meet Aaron you will find that he speaks about his family and how much he loves and appreciates them quite often. It is a breath of fresh air to see a successful business owner who is a family man who makes time for his business instead of a business man who makes time for his family. As a customer who has become a friend, I could not recommend anyone better than Aaron and his company for any of your storage, packing and moving needs.

-Ricky Singleton

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