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Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Moving is very stressful, anyone who has moved in the past knows this. However with Affordable Packing, moving is as stress free and easy as it can possibly be. Here are some additional awesome tips to help ease the moving process!

9 Moving Tips That Will Help Make Your Move Easy!

1. Clean out your junk.

Everyone has at the very least that one junk drawer. As much as we don't like to admit it, we all hang on to a few things we probably shouldn't. Before your next move make sure that you trash or donate some of your unneeded items. Trust us, as the undisputed best movers in South Bend... We know what will make your move easier

2. Make room by selling unwanted items.

Have items that you may no longer need but are still valued by others? Sell them! Set up a small garage sale and sell the things you no longer need! The less things you need to move the easier your move becomes.

3. Affordable Packing.

Make Sure to hire the best moving company in South Bend, The best moving company in Mishawaka, The best moving company in Northern Indiana heck The best moving company anywhere! Affordable Packing!

4. Pick the right moving day.

Hire your movers at least a month in advance. Make sure your schedule is flexible but also make sure that your move fits your schedule as well!

5. Create a moving to-do list

Making a simple list will ensure that you know what where and when things need moved, it may seem simple but trust us... it will make your move a great one!

6. Change your address a week before you move.

This is a simple one, a week before your move, change your address.

7. Use small boxes for heavy items.

Make sure to pack heavy things in small boxes. Don't hurt your back just to ensure you have less boxes on the truck.

8. Pack an overnight bag

After a move, no one wants to go through all of there boxes looking for that tube of toothpaste. Make yourself an over night bag and worry about going through your things tomorrow.

9. Get a bottle of wine

It is time to celebrate, your all moved in. Set back, have a glass of wine and relax. You did it! Your all moved. Great job!

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