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Is it important to get more than one quote for your move?

The simple answer is well YES!!!! and here is why...

1. Price: Price is a big factor in almost every aspect of life today. Moving is an expensive en devour and hiring a moving company can be expensive as well. However, that is not always the case. Some moving companies are affordable and have great reputations as well. Our suggestion is to look for a company that can move your belongings, store them if you need and will also pack your belongings well.

2. Relationship: Making sure you get along with the company that is moving your home is very important. If you find a company that you can feel at home being around, generally they are a great option, but remember that they should still be a qualified company. Make sure that you feel as if you can trust your moving company, if you can then your move will be far less stressful.

3. Quality: Make sure that your mover is going to care for your items like you would. This one is simple look for the following things in a moving company, if they have them there is a good chance that they are a quality mover.

1. Quality look ( logo, website, name, uniforms etc.)

2. Insurance

3. Business location

4. Dedicated moving truck

5. Age (Make sure your company is not a fly by night company)

6. Professional email address ( is not a professional email address).

4. Options: When getting more than one quote you have a chance to look at the good, the bad and the ugly. when you have more than one option, you can make a more informed decision and a decision that you feel more comfortable with. Remember the things that this company is moving are yours. Many of these things will be very important to you and if you are uncomfortable with your mover, you will not be happy with your move. Get as many quotes as it takes for you to feel like you have THE MOVER.

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