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Finding The Best Movers In Michiana

Are you looking for a moving company in South Bend? Let us help you with your search for the best movers South Bend! Here is a list of the top 8 things to look for in your moving company. So if you are looking for movers in Mishawaka, movers in South Bend, movers In Elkhart, movers in Goshen or anywhere else in Michiana look no further!

1. Look for a mover with insurance.

If you are looking to move, make sure you are dealing with an actual company and not Joe Shmoe with a truck. Real movers will have insurance. Make sure to not only ask your potential mover if they have insurance but also make sure to ask for proof of insurance. The things being moved are yours and they should be protected.

2. Make sure your mover has experience.

Giving a new company a chance is a fine thing to do in many situations... just not this one. Make sure that your things are protected. Make sure your movers are not fly by night "professionals". Make sure to use movers with at-least 3 years of professional experience.

3. Check movers reviews.

This one is simple. The more stars the better. Look online and make sure your movers don't have a large amount of bad reviews. Every company will get some bad reviews just make sure there are a lot more good reviews than there are bad reviews.

4. Look for testimonials.

Most companies offer testimonials, when looking for a mover make sure that you review there testimonials. These are similar to reviews but many times are much more in depth. Testimonials will allow you to learn the nitty gritty about the company you will be working with. These are an amazing tool.

5. Look for a company with a website.

Most all reliable companies will be willing to spend the additional money and time on a website. Try to stay away from companies that only have things like an email or a Facebook page. Many times these are movers that are doing this part time and/or are not nearly as serious about your move as you might like them to be.

6. Find a company that you get along with.

Make sure when you call in or meet with your potential mover that you get along with the people you will be working with. Starting any relationship being anything less than excited to work together is a potential disaster. The people you are working with should be nice, calm, professional and have time for you. Make sure you are happy with the idea of working with your mover!

7. Make sure they have a plan.

While talking to your mover make sure that they have an individualized plan for your move. All moves are different and all moves deserve to be treated that way. Make sure to ask questions like, what is your plan for the larger items from my move? Will they be moves separate or together? Most professional movers will be able to answer these questions and give you a great reason as to why.

8. Go with your gut.

Your gut is an amazing thing. If you just do not feel right, walk away, if you feel like the company will be a good fit, they probably are. Feeling like you made the right choice is an amazing feeling when you are trusting a company with your belongings. Give Affordable Packing a chance to make your move as simple and safe as possible. Call us or request a quote online. We are here for you!

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